Butterfly Effect

A short video sent to me by a great friend for most of my adult time.  Thanks Hef,

This video reminded me of a story I read in Playboy as a young man on the track, ( no I read it and never once looked at the pictures ).  The story was about a hunting party who, in the first place should not have been there in time and went back in time to hunt dinosaurs.

One of the hunters broke a sacred rule and accidentally stepped on a butterfly and ends up changing the future as they knew it when they left.  Unfortunately time and life changed for the worse.

Everything was horrifically different and when the hunter looked at the bottom of his boot, a boot that should not have ever left the suspended trail and should have never touched the past’s ground, he saw a dead butterfly within the muddy treads of his sole.  The butterfly should never have died in that way.

But, this video seems to be bipolar filled with good and bad. Things are much for the better for the beavers, worse for the elk, so-so for the wolves, and all this time, those who did this, would never have known how the rivers would change because of their actions. Classic butterfly effect with several blue men, be them animals, humans, or the earth, and would never have known of their significance to come.

Anyone else read the Playboy story?  I just can’t remember the title.  Too many visual distractions in my boyish neurons.

Okay girls, fess up and if you didn’t read it and you’re wondering about it, I’m here to tell you, the centerfold was not the best page in the issue and was overshadowed by the story of Mesozoic huntsmen even though the glossy pictures did and still today make me howl. . . a little bit.

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch.”
The WiseGuy

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3 thoughts on “Butterfly Effect”

  1. “How Wolves Change Rivers” was interesting and well done, but would have been better if the video producer knew the difference between deer and elk. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been to Yellowstone.

    1. Understand totally but the point was not the descriptive errors of the narrator but how the small things in your life, as planned or unplanned as they can be, can affect so many other things that they can become so significant that they by themselves become a, ‘Blue Man’, for so many others that the ones who started it all, never knew how big they could be. There are some deer in the vid, I’m giving the editors a break. . . Much like ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. Really doesn’t matter as we all know what I mean. . .

  2. Now, as a very wise man once said, comes the rest of the story. First of all not to be picky, but those are elk, not deer. The wolves now, because they themselves have no predators, have increased to the point that they have wiped out 90 percent of the elk in Yellowstone, and therefore have left the park to search for food elsewhere on private ranches in the area, killing hundreds of cattle, sheep, dogs and cats. The wolves have now expanded to six states and their numbers have exploded to the point that there are now several state and federal court battles over the states rights to set hunting seasons . There are even two documented cases where wolves have threatened little children, who were nearly saved at the last second by their fathers. A better option to reduce the elk herd size in Yellowstone would have been to increase the hunting opportunities just outside the park where the elk migrate each year rather then introduce these killing machines.

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