Woody’s Wrap-up Weeks 1-2

There’s not many I would stand aside to let the words of wisdom flow to my so precious writing blog, but this one dude can put it down each week so very perfect.  He’s the admin of the crazy football pool I have been allowed to participate in for several, several years.  Thanks Woody and especially thanks to Donner for putting up with him.  Go AZ!  PS, He’s a huge Browns fan but don’t hold it against him.

Hereeeeeeeee’s Woody!

Week 1

Welcome to the NFL Pool 2018 and Woody’s Wrap-Up!!! Well first off, a big CONGRATS to all the E.A.G.L.E.S. fans for Philadelphia winning the Super Bowl last year, as this pool was started in the Philadelphia area back in 1996 and there are still a lot of Philly fans participating!!! Of course, I’m not one of them, but a tip of the hat seems appropriate!!!! Well the season kicked off with a bang; with Upsets, Surprises and some of the same old same old, especially in Philly where the Philly Special was on display again and worked successfully again, go figure and in Cleveland, more on that later!!!


  1. Well the biggest upset of the week happened down on Bourbon Street where the 9½ point favored Saints got bedazzled by some out of town voodoo from the visiting Tampa Bay Bucs, who won winning 48 – 40 in a surprising shoot-out… Courtesy of 35-year-old journeyman QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick who went 21/28 for 417 yds, and 4 TDs and no INTs in their major upset of Nawlins. Drew Brees wasn’t too shabby either going 37/45 for 439 yds and 3 TDs, and no INTs, perhaps both teams need a little pass defense practice…
  2. Next was the J.E.T.S. on Monday night doing a little roaring of their own over the 6½ point favored Lions 48 – 17 in Detroit, wow!!!! Even with the NY rookie QB Sam Darnold’s first pass being for a pick six, the J.E.T.S. took full advantage of the five INTs they snatched and also scored on special teams to complete the surprising blowout… Not much roaring from the home team, more like a little quiet meowing, hopefully new head coach Matt Patricia (former Patriots defensive Coordinator) can turn things around, as he does have a little bit of winning experiences…
  3. The Bungals actually pulled off an upset over the Colts and the return of Andrew Luck in Indianapolis thanks to a late turnover. Luck actually looked pretty good going 39/53 for 319 yds and 2 TDs and 1 INT., but not quite good enough…
  4. The Kool-Aid Guy continued his winning ways on opening day (no play-off pressure) upsetting the Chargers in LA 38 – 28. Patrick Mahomes went 15/27 for 256 yds and 4 TDs and 0 int and Tyreek Hill had 3 TDs, a 91-yard punt return for a score and a 58-yard TD reception during the first quarter and a 1-yard reception on a shovel pass for a score in the fourth quarter. They might be a good bet, but only during the regular season!!!!
  5. The Fish came out on top over the 1½ point favored Tennessee Titans, winning 27 – 20 in Miami, in the longest NFL game ever, 7 hours, 8 minutes, including delays for lightning that lasted almost 4 hours. The victory came thanks to a 102 Kick-Off return early in the 4th quarter.
  6. And in a surprising upset was the total domination by the Washington Redskins over the Desert Redbirds 24 – 6 in Arizona. The Redskins outgained the Redbirds in total yards 429 – 213 and had 30 first downs to Arizona’s 14, the Redbirds are under a new coaching staff, but damn!!!


  1. My Browns surprised me (and maybe a few others) and then they didn’t… The Browns staged a nice comeback against those hated Steelers in Cleveland Sunday, but came up short in OT, but did manage a 21 – 21 tie, not sure that’s a good thing, but the defense did force 6 turnovers and looked formidable. The offense still looks like a work in progress and Tyrod Taylor looked questionable and will certainly get hurt if he continues running so much, but then welcome Baker Mayfield, maybe good thing, time will tell…
  2. Da Bears certainly surprised the Packers on the not so frozen tundra of Lambeau Field Sunday night in Green Bay, but of course Aaron Rodgers pulled, well, an Aaron Rodgers in a stunning comeback, winning 24 – 23. Da Bears new and expensive ($141 Million) acquisition of Khalil Mack certainly looked promising in the first half, but that game was a tale of two halves and Mack was a no show in the second half and Aaron wasn’t!!!!
  3. The Ravens 47 – 3 blowout of the Buffalo Bills in Baltimore was certainly surprising as the Bills were a playoff team last year and the Ravens weren’t… But it’s way early in the season so we’ll have to let a few more weeks play-out before we start sorting contenders and pretenders…
  4. The Dallas Cowboys only putting up 1 TD in their 16 – 8 loss against the Panthers in Carolina was certainly surprising, I guess, as they are America’s Team, right???
  5. Jimmy G finding the losing column (24 – 16) for the first time in his new found starting QB career in SF was sort of surprising, although 3 INTs will do that, plus the Vikings have a pretty solid defense…

No Surprises Here

  1. Well the reigning Super Bowl Champs slipping past the Dirty Birds 18 – 12 shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, they are the Super Bowl Champs, right???
  2. And the Super Bowl runner ups slipping past the Texans 27 – 20 in Foxborough was no surprise either…
  3. The Jags winning and covering over the GMen in New York was no surprise although the Giants did keep it interesting
  4. Also the Broncos winning in Denver 27 – 24 over the Sea-Chickens minus their powerhouse defensive backs was sort of expected…
  5. And Chuckie’s return to Oakland started out looking somewhat promising against the LA Rams, but the Rams turned on the offense in the second half pulling away and winning easily 33 – 13 in Oakland.

Week 2

Welcome to Woody’s Wrap-Up – Week #2!!! Well this was the week of the Dawg, along with several upsets, a couple surprises, and of course a couple games that were no surprise at all, unfortunately!!!!!


  1. Well the biggest upset of the week happened down in Tampa Bay where the 3-point favored reigning Super Bowl champs got stunned by the overachieving Bucs, winning 27 -21 in another shocking upset… Ryan Fitzpatrick had another outstanding day, going 27/33 for 402 yds, and 4 TDs and 1 INTs. Nick Foles staged a late comeback and had a nice day going 35/48 for 334 yds and 1 TD, and no INTs, but it wasn’t quite enough. Crazy as it sounds there’s already rumors of TB getting rid Jameis Winston due to Fitzpatrick’s success. One other note, Nick Foles is getting the hook in favor of the return of Carson Wentz, who’ll be back for week #3 for E.A.G.L.E.S.!!!!!! I think it’s the right move…
  2. The next biggest upset was the Indianapolis Colts over the six-point favored Redskins, winning 21 – 9 in Washington!! Kind of surprising the Redskins didn’t even score a touchdown after dominating the desert Redbirds last week… so either the Redbirds really suck or the Colts are better than they looked last week… personally I think perhaps Vegas was a little over zealous with the line after just one week…
  3. The Bungals actually pulled off another upset over the Ravens last Thursday night in Jungle, winning 34 – 23. The Ravens were playing catch up all night and never got the job done. Joe Flacco came back to earth after a huge week 1 game. Also, Andy Dalton played well going 24/42 for 265 yards and 4 TDs!! I wouldn’t get to excited about the Bungals start, as they aren’t called the Bungals for nothing!!!!
  4. KC & the Kool-Aid Guy pulled off a stunner in Pittsburgh, beating the Steelers 42 – 37 (I love it when the Steelers get embarrassed!!!!). Patrick Mahomes went 23/28 for 326 yds and 6 TDs and 0 INTs in back to back outstanding game. KC was running away with the game in the first half, but let the Steelers comeback in second half, but held on!!!! Perhaps the Kool-Aid Guy has found a great QB but the question is will he drag Patrick down into to his “can’t win the big one” hell????
  5. Well I believe the Jags may have made a statement to the AFC yesterday upsetting the New England Patriots in Jacksonville 31 – 20 in last year’s AFC Championship game rematch!!! It was the Jag’s first victory in nine tries against Brady & the Boys and yes there wasn’t much on the line, but still, message sent!! Also of note might be that Tom Brady continued to struggle playing in Florida, and that might come into play in January, we’ll see!!!!
  6. The Fish came out on top, again, over the possibly overrated 3 point favored J.E.T.S., winning 20 – 12 at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands of New Jersey. NY rookie QB Sam Darnold had a somewhat mediocre day going 25/41 for 334 yards and 1 TD and 2 INTs, while the Fish played well enough to win on the road, not sure either of these teams are going anywhere, but it’s still early, so time will tell…
  7. And another upset this week was the Tennessee Titans, w/o Marcus Mariota, winning 20 – 17 in Nashville over the 2-point favored Houston Texans and their tough defense!!!


  1. Well once again my Browns surprised me, a lot this time, leading most of the game against the 9-point favored Saints and then, once again they didn’t, losing again, in Nawlins this time 21 – 18… The Browns defense was once again pretty good, although a couple bad penalties really costs them, plus 2nd year kicker Zane Gonzalez missing extra points and game winning FGs two weeks in a row doesn’t help either!!! Tyrod looked better but still had a bad interception that lead to the Saints late TD!!! I guess we’re getting better, but it’s still not easy being Browns fan!!!!
  2. Jimmy G found the winning column again beating the Detroit Lions (30 – 27) in San Francisco; however, surprisingly the Lions did keep it interesting enough, that the 49ers didn’t cover the 6-point spread, especially after the last week’s total collapse for Lions against the J.E.T.S… 
  3. Well I guess the Vikings & Packers game ending in a 29 – 29 tie was surprising to a lot of people, fortunately for several pool members Minnesota was getting 1-point!!!! It certainly looked like GB was going to walk away easily with the victory late in the game but Kirk Cousins played unbelievably well going 35/48 for 425 yards and 4 TDs and 1 INT. 
  4. Da Raaaaiiiddddders visited the mile-high city and took an early lead and lead most of the game, until giving up 10 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to lose 20 – 19, whic was certainly surprising. It also handed Chucky his 2nd loss in his return to the sidelines in Oakland, which must not be sitting well with him…

No Surprises Here

  1. The LA Chargers rolled over the Bills in Buffalo winning 31 – 20!! The Bills did start rookie QB Josh Allen trying to spark the team but Allen played like a true rookie going 18/33 for 245 yards and 1 TD and 2 INTs. Also veteran cornerback Vontae Davis for the Bills created a bit of stir by retiring at halftime, he basically just walked out on the Bills at the half, go figure!!!
  2. The LA Rams also had no problem with the Desert Redbirds, crushing them 37 – 0 in Los Angeles. And the lack of offense continues in the desert with the Rams outgaining the Redbirds in total yards 432 – 137 and had 24 first downs to Arizona’s 5!!! It’s certainly starting to look like AZ might be the whipping boy for the NFL this year, but it is still early!!!
  3. The Dirty Birds bounced back nicely after dropping the season opener to Philly beating the Carolina Panthers this week in Atlanta 31 -24!! Matty Ice had a nice game and the running game paid surprising dividends gaining 170 yards and two touchdowns w/o Devonta Freeman!!!
  4. The Cowboys played well enough against the G-Men to win 20 – 13 Sunday night in Dallas, but I don’t think they’re going to the Super Bowl this year…
  5. Da Bears took care of business against the Sea-chickens in Chicago Monday night, beating Seattle 24 – 10!!! It was a nice victory for da Bears after blowing it last week against GB and Khalil Mack once again put on the sort of havoc-wreaking show da Bears envisioned when they traded for the superstar and, yup, Chucky is still sticking to his no regrets comment about the trade!!!!

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch”

The WiseGuy

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