– Horse Racing is a ‘Colorless Sport’, or is it?

Most of the time you can say what you think and get clean away.  Then sometimes, it’s better just to keep your mouth shut.

In trying to defend, or at least an attempt to justify, golf’s full-time resident, Sergio Garcia’s “fried chicken” slice at Tiger Woods, the European Tour bossman and CEO, George O’Grady opened his mouth a little too wide during the interview on Sky Sports.

While trying to act as Sergio’s offensive defense lawyer, O’Grady tee’d this one off of his own head.

“Most of Sergio’s friends are colored athletes in the United States.”  How does one say that without scalding a worm burner down the fairway of your hair.  Remarkable talent.

BAM!  A very nice shank shot I would say in today’s tee times.  Went exactly where he wanted it to go.  Psych!

O’Grady’s guarding of Garcia, is in full and is from the Daily Mail below.  I bolded and colored his stupendous brain fart.

“We spoke to Sergio and, after what was really a very full and frank discussion on the whole issue, decided to accept his really heartfelt apology and we were convinced that he was trying to be funny, that it was a lighthearted remark. We know the connotation in the United States.  We accept all races on the European Tour, we take it very strongly.  Most of Sergio’s friends are colored athletes in the United States and he is absolutely abject in his apology and we accepted it.  All races play on the European Tour and that’s how we want to keep it. He is abject in his apology and we are moving on.”

Colored?  Really?  Trying to be funny?  Oh I get it.  LOL?

Just like Gary Stevens yelled as he crossed the finish line at the Derby, I have to say, “You got to be kidding me!”

This, ( should be educated man ), smartly shut his sand trap before he said another stray wedge about the back of the bus!

No excuses please and no ridiculous apologies are necessary.

We all know the word “colored” has different meanings in different places of this dimpled golf ball we call earth, one being what happens to eggs on Easter.  This man should know better as he might as well have lit a short-fused, ‘Black’ cat off in his butt.  That would hurt more than a Wood’s patented, ‘Stinger’, glancing off your forehead for sure.

O’Grady issued an apology: “I deeply regret using an inappropriate word in a live interview for Sky Sports for which I unreservedly apologize.”

Apology?  Uh, hold it, let me think, okay, I’ve made my decision, uh, , , not accepted.

Taketh the biggest horse turd and oil it up.  Then placeth the biggest horse turd on your tongue.  And pusheth the biggest horse turd as far back into the deepest part of your throat.  Then maybe you won’t be able to speaketh any words that will get you into trouble.

So what about horse racing?  Does it have issues with race, gender, or age.  Probably.  Yet, I’ve never heard another jockey even come close to talking crap about another in public.  I do remember Calvin Borel going after Javier Castellano but it was about the other race card not the one we’re talking about now.  Do they talk?  Probably.  Do they bicker?  Probably.  Do they not like each other sometimes?  Probably.

Borel fight

So is horse racing as colorless as the political correctness of today’s society wants everyone to be?  No…

Horse racing has all kinds of people from the richest of Sheiks to the poorest of stable hands.  Track owners to hot dog vendors and bartenders.  I might have to take back the bartender part as I’ve seen some of those huge tips handed out after a big win from the immense beer-buying that comes afterward.

They, being Trackers, do too make fun of each other and obviously complain about languages they can’t understand.  They too have times when they let the human side of us out.  But even then, I can’t remember a time when the classiness of horse racing was ever exchanged for a public rhetoric of bigots and racists that only see color.  I know for a fact, age is praised, honored and celebrated in this sport of Kings.

Horse racing, plain and simple, has class and is as colorless as it can be.

But, when I think about it.  I have to admit some of my failings as I too have let pigments come into my personal wanting of a peaceful and colorless world.

I always bet on the gray.

The End

“The best part of life starts at the head of the stretch.”

The WiseGuy

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