What is ROD handicapping?

Simply put, the WiseGuy software is ROD, (Rate of Deceleration), driven.  For over 8 years, a colleague and I have painstakingly developed deceleration related handicapping software which uses in-house deceleration rate formulas toward horses as they run on the track.  WiseGuy believes if you can determine which of the horses in a specific field will slow down the fastest, you can eliminate non-contenders.  By eliminating a majority of the pack, the handicapper has less horses to deal with and has more of a chance to win.  Most handicappers already do this in some way but it is usually mentally performed using the reverse of the theory and is without solid mathematical solutions.

One by one, the handicapper will find the horse he doesn’t like and scratches that specific horse off of the form until he or she finally develops an opinion on one or two of the horses for that race card.  Horses lagging in on third or fourth is usually a combination of hopefuls.  Like most say, anyone could win this race.  That may be true but the fact is anyone can run 2nd, 3rd or 4th.  But, in the end most successful picks are tough to come by for the amateur or once-a-year handicapper.  Digruntled and dejected they simply toss away hopes of hitting it big at the track and disheartened, they throw the form and their picks for the day onto the parking lot grounds.

The WiseGuy Betting Sheet, through a process of WiseGuy developed performance-based formulas and what is referred to as the, ‘Pit’ evaluates each horse’s projected performance based on deceleration and filtering.

After all default filters such as race length, running basis ratio, time constraint and another secret WiseGuy filter are processed, the WiseGuy, compiles the two best races of each horse. Once this is done, the WiseGuy then choses the best race of the two races picked for that horse by using another race-style / deceleration-rate specific formuala and continues until this is completed for all horses in the race.

Then comes the time to throw all the runners into the ‘Pit’.

The top race for each horse in the race card is then ‘pitted’ against each other to produce a forecast of contenders.  The program allows for the user to designate the type of ‘Race Convention Formula’ to be used in order to find the three top contenders.  The top contenders are then removed from the ‘Pit’ and displayed on the WiseGuy Betting Sheet.

What the WiseGuy shows us are the three contenders of the race, in numerical order, not how they will come in, along with a fourth horse which matches the WiseGuy STR formula that has proven to call a contender more than 80% of the time.  Not always is there four as the horse matching the WiseGuy STR formula may come from the ‘Pit’ already as a contender.  The software recognizes this and counters the duplication by showing only 3 contenders.

Then the fun begins and may the best horse win.

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch.”
The WiseGuy

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