Home Sweet Home, Turf Paradise

A loving and caring relationship is always healthy, not only for the mind but also for the soul.  For most, a Home is an important part of the happiness of life’s equation and is better explained in a short poem by the great poet, Henry Van Dyke.

His simple approach tells us what some of the most important things in life are and extends to our beloved horses, our loyal dogs, those crazy cats, the loud but relaxing birds and any other mischievous animal on this earth we as humans are given the task to oversee, protect and care for their health.

Mr. Van Dyke’s significant poem goes like this. . .

Every house where Love abides
And Friendship is a guest,
Is surely Home, and Home sweet Home
For there the Heart can Rest

So let’s imagine the Home you have really isn’t the best place in the world but you manage to get by.  Your Heart does Rest most of the time you’re there.  Does that mean there must be Love and Friendship in your Home for the poem to be right?

Is what’s written in the poem actually just an equation one can change the order around like in a simple math calculation containing three components of a mereological study.  Does 2 times 3 equal 6 as does 6 divided by 3 equal 2, resulting in the same but different answer, being just answered in a different way?

If one variable of the three-part question is not known, can you still solve for the solution of the equation called Home.  Do you come up with it correctly or do you come up with a different but similar answer?   Of course you can.  Keep it simple as simplicity is just one important aspect of many answers within the meaning of life for all of us.  Just as is Home, Friendship and Love are all answers yet different.

So now that we know how to do our life arithmetic it should be really easy for anyone to see how necessary all parts are just as important as any one of the parts in the making of a good Home where your Heart can Rest.

Love plus Friendship equals Rest for the Heart he says.  If you need Rest for the Heart but don’t know the answer, try dividing it by Love and you might just get Friendship.  Right?  Of course we’re right.

But now take out one of the parts to the puzzle and what do you get?  Is Love by itself going to be able to get the needed Friendship and provide the Heart the Rest it needs for the next attempt of your life’s climb?  Can a Friend be a guest in a Home without Love?  Are you confused yet?  I hope so but it’s not that hard.  Don’t re-read, just read-on.

I could go on and on, twisting the words, rewriting the possibilities because we are human and most of us understand the need to be happy and healthy.  Even the dumb ones among us understand the consequences involved and some of us chose not to follow Henry’s advice yet manage in life just fine.

Life isn’t so simple but Home just might be.  For us humans it’s complicated but what if you’re a horse?  Is it less confusing?  What if you need to simply Rest your Heart to survive?  If your surroundings are such that no Love or no Friendship could possibly ever be given to you, will you never be able to Rest your Heart.  A panacea for life with no Rest of the Heart and filled with the emptiness of no Love or Friendship is a recipe with disastrous results and all it takes is one of the parts to be missing.

Let’s make it even harder and let’s say you’re a race horse, being a Thoroughbred or a Quarter horse.  Your life’s climb is much more difficult than most equine.  Your’s is a job which provides others to have a Home, a place where they can Rest their Heart.  Your Heart especially needs the Rest both physically because of the stresses imparted on you and most importantly, spiritually, because the much needed calmness within your own unremitting solitude dealt to you by us humans, comes hand and hand.

Have you ever considered those who make their Home where the horses are?  They share a place with them and try to provide Love and Friendship but the same is true for them as is for the race horse.  They too have no Rest of their Heart.  Are they at fault?  Can they overcome the missing coefficient or the lacking of a constant.  Are they unaware of the absent operator and variable?

Hold it!  A revelation just poured over me like a winning Gatorade cooler at the end of a game.   Are we not really just asking why the equation isn’t working at our Home called Turf Paradise?

Now you ask, “Is not Turf’s problem much simpler than the poem’s meaning to figure out?”  Of course it is.  So what do most people do in order to solve this dilemma of those in need and who are not given the attention and care from the get-go?  Who are not with Love, Friendship and who do not have a Home.  “Get them one,” is the normal answer from most.

A large percentage of the time, it’s pure and simple.  Most people do nothing.  We do nothing because nothing is easy.  We as caring humans are lazy by standards.  Not all by any means but mostly we do nothing because we are greedy and selfish.  We do nothing because ‘Out-of-sight, Out-of-mind’ actually does work and has become one of America’s greatest pastimes.  Batter up!

So here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of reality for you to make the decision to do nothing about it, even if you chose to do nothing at all which by all standards is what you will do.

The Home you see below is at Rillito Race Track in  Tucson. . .  This great track set standards still in use today, among them the chute system, the photo finish, and standardization of races.

Below is Home Turf Paradise. . .

This Home pictured below is Hialeah Race Track in Florida. . .  This racing facility is known as the world’s most beautiful racetrack, the place of beautiful pink flamingos and lush landscaping.  The track also holds the distinction of being an Audubon Bird Sanctuary and being listed on the National Register.  Home of the great movie ‘Let it Ride’.  Need more be said?

Below is Home Turf Paradise. . .

At Gulfstream Park in Florida seen below, special accommodations are provided for backside employees.  There are four three-story dorm buildings, each consisting of 52 rooms, each room with approximately 240 square feet of living space, air-conditioned or heated, with each room having a bathroom with a shower stall, two beds, storage locker. Each dorm building has a laundry room equipped with three washers and three dryers. In the courtyard border by the dorms are two sand volleyball courts and a patio area with benches and barbeque grills.

Below is Home Turf Paradise. . .

 In the stable area at Palm Meadows | Gulfstream Park pictured below, there are 40 barns along side a steadily maintained workout track.  Each barn has 36 stalls (12’x12′) and each stall floor has rubber mats. Every other stall is lined with rubber on the walls. Each barn has an office with its own private restroom, two tack rooms (12’x12′), a second restroom for staff, provisions for a washer, dryer and ice machine, and a storage loft for light equipment.

 Below is Home Turf Paradise. . .

As noted before at Gulfstream below, you can see how each barn has its own private restroom and a second restroom for the staff who live in the stable area.

 Below is Home Turf Paradise. . .

Okay, so you get the picture, right?  C’mon, , , right?  Truthfully I’m not sure you do.  The ownership at Turf Paradise doesn’t appear to understand Henry’s poem at all nor do they care to read it.  Then again, why should they?  Their comfortable and quiet Home resides in the plush Beverly Hills and upscale Paradise Valley.

Today, there are still many rumors about legislation to approve gaming at Turf Paradise.  That would be a savior but whether or not the logic materializes, something must be done either from the Legislature, the Simms’ camp or even the I-don’t-want-to-get-involved public.

Listen to me and listen good.  Being able to leave your Home to have the opportunity to spend a sunny day, at Home Turf Paradise dining on fish and chips, a steak if you want one or just a hot dog, sitting back drinking cocktails or like me, chugging draft beer, just to watch or gamble as the beautiful majestic animals thunder around a dirt or grass track at a price to fit everyone’s budget and enjoy “The Sport of Kings” , , , drumroll please, , , , , , , , , , is Resting to all Hearts.

So, the Racing Industry, so Arizona, so the Arizona Racing Commission, so the Arizona Legislature, so Arizona’s Jerry Simms and California’s Ron Simms, so to you too, the Arizona Department of Health and so to everyone else who doesn’t care.  We are sick and tired of you stinking up our happy Home.

The WiseGuy would like to say to you one very old yet meaningful adage,

“Either crap or get off the pot!


Below is our barn’s private restroom at Home Sweet Home, Turf Paradise. . .

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch.”
The WiseGuy

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