I lost touch with a dear friend on a rain-soaked day so long ago and never felt anything about it,

there were no tears of loss and no fearful goodbyes,

nothing of any sort of emotion, but I feel I should’ve felt something,

But I didn’t.

Margaret first left my days when I was a child by shear coincidence of a flooded river, a race track, and a Hellbender,

she was my second Mom, a special kind of Mom to me then yet I’m sure she didn’t know it,

the type of loving soul who I should have missed for sure,

But I didn’t.

Then on a special day two years ago, I found my bond again with her and felt different,

she came back into my life some forty years later and then I felt family,

I should have taken the time to tell her what I felt,

But I didn’t.

She made finding her so easy but so very hard I thought during the first days,

she said she looked for me over the years and I felt good,

I should have looked harder with much more vigor for all those days,

But I didn’t.

Today I lost my friend I affectionately called Mugs and suddenly I feel forgotten inside my soul,

especially now knowing I really did miss her before and today knowing I will miss her forever,

Margaret made it so easy to love her and now at this moment she’s made it so easy to shed my tears of loss and cry for the immense joy for simply having her,

and so I am.

I will always miss you Mugs.  Forever love,
The WiseGuy

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch.”
The WiseGuy

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3 thoughts on “Margaret”

  1. I feel your loss. I lost Brinkley 9/13 and Isabella 9/12. Life has not been the same since. Thank you for sharing.

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