Prado, King of Significance

So yesterday at Belmont Park, Edgar charged his horse on the turf and won the Woodford Reserve Manhattan.  The enormous win from the outside gate, #13, made me think back to the day, Edgar added to his significance.  Well deserved repost. . .

Here’s to you again, Edgar.

Sometimes in life you get to see real class in action, especially at such a trying time as this video shows.

Like the WiseGuy says,

“It is not who wins the race of life who is the winner,  but is how your life’s race was run that that makes you significant.”

Edgar notices the flailing leather reins loose from control at a mind blurring 45 mph.  Then as he is holding his whip backhanded he slides them into the Jockey’s reach only moments from catastrophe.

Remember the turn is coming up quickly and the horse’s head is beginning to turn right, away from the rail.  A collision with the outside horses is a given at this time and time is in tenths of a second.

Remember this too.  Edgar is the great Jockey who rode the great Barbaro.

Watching this shows us all now why he rode him and why he is a true Hall of Famer of Racing and of life.

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch.”
The WiseGuy

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