When My Mom Wasn’t My Mom Anymore

This was one of my first audio attempts before the ‘Next Time You Think, ‘I Don’t Like Cops’ hit that hit 700 countries . . . If you haven’t tried it , , , it’s better than a cheeseburger and beer.  Maybe not, but just try it. . .

This rendition still makes me tear up a bit even though it’s a little amateur and slurry but that’s my voice and I and you have to live with it.  Sorry. . . but it’s the real story in my words only and I’ve never spoken it to my brother for 30+ years. . . .  My Mom never heard me say it was okay but that’s okay now. . .  I found a love for her so much later in life. . . after all the hurt. . .

Please enjoy and think about what’s really important in your lives so don’t wait. . . to say.

Click on the Vimeo link. . . please.

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