Journeymen Lineman Series – Pole Changeout – Episode 2


Episode 2

I’m a Journeyman Lineman for 40 years and Thoroughbred horse tracker since childhood.  Being so proud of my Dad and what he did for a living, I went into the Lineman’s trade to double-up the pride of my family.

Not saying the Tracker in me wasn’t proud but times were at a point in my life where the race track had to step aside and let me go Lineman.  It was right and the way.

Those men and women who take care of thousands if not millions of people at one time in a split second of time are what I call true, , , wait for it, , .  Ah forget it, us, those who are truly Lineman, Linewomen, Line workers, don’t use the ‘Hero’ word ever as a humble reminder.

Few know.

If you want to listen to the greatest compilation I made of Wichita Lineman, you’ll ever hear, by so many great artists, just click.   If you decide to download the compilation video of the song, try to guess if it’s James Taylor, R.E.M, Johnny,  Glen or a host of others who paid tribute to him by covering this great song and do it without looking.

Thanks Jimmy Webb for writing this for Johnny Rivers and Glen.  Thanks.

Those Dells are just great.  Can’t explain it any other way . .

You just might hear some heroes of the song you didn’t know sang it too.

These videos are just as real as the extreme danger they face each and every day on the job.

If you want, , , download the video file to a flash, hard drive, or put it on a Roku and play them on your TV.  They’re HD and look sharp. . . and by the way, , , a few more episodes are to come. . .  You should share or at least comment or sign up for The WiseGuy Diaries.  It’s really simple. . . as simple as tamping a 45 foot pole in 110 degrees of a Arizona summer where a 40′ pole once stood.

Journeymen Episode 2 – Download here

The End

“The best part of life starts at the top of the stretch.”
The WiseGuy

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